Shelley is a business intuitive and medium.  She is dedicated to helping healers get clients by trusting and following their intuition.  She begins by clearing emotional charges of being seen, heard, and persecuted.  Once cleared, she helps clients translate their gifts into a profitable business, while setting up a system that honors and nurtures them at the core level.

She brings a unique style of being a business intuitive and medium to the table.  Add over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world and you get a combination that’s unstoppable.

Shelley takes the practical skills learned in business and combines them with the nonphysical energies to make your experience complete. 

Using the nonphysical energies, Shelley is able to locate where energies are stuck in your field.  She then takes you through a process that’s divinely inspired to uncoil stuck energies blocking you from Consistent Clients and Consistent Cash.  Energies sit in your field like layers’ of an onion.  Once Shelley is able to pinpoint the source, the rest unravels naturally even while you’re sleeping.

Taking action is key and that’s why Shelley helps her clients to setup an action plan that allows them to stay in business.  Without this action plan you often find yourself scattered, being very creative, and spending hours at a time getting one or two things done.  Unfortunately, you end up wasting valuable time instead of following an action plan that gets Consistent Clients and Consistent Cash.  If you are NOT caught early enough, you can find yourself going out of business or getting a job to supplement your income. 

There is a missing key in most programs and that is mindset.  If you don’t have the right mindset you are taking training programs in vein.  Allow Shelley to help you so she can uncover what’s getting in the way of you taking action and earning Consistent Cash.

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“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

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